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Michele Heyward

#RacialEquityAwarenessChallenge – Ways To ACT To Educate Others On DEI (Part 7)

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Action without education and self-regulation is nothing. Until this point, I had been educating you on different ways through which you can learn more about DEI and racism. If you were following everything suggested and doing your part, you can now start taking action.

“Challenging the status quo is hard and messy. Even harder is the fact that now when you are acting against racial discrimination and in favor of diversity, equity, and inclusion, you will have to speak up against & challenge your personal biases and of those around you.”

Some simple ways through which you can act for racial equity and play your part include:

Educate Everyone Around You

Now that you know enough, you should invite others to know more about DEI. You are educated on the subject matter and have facts to support your arguments. Make use of them and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to learn more about this pressing matter. Share our #RacialEquityAwarenessChallenge resources with them so they can also get a head start.

Interrupt Racial Jokes & Slurs

Because of the centuries-worth of conditioning, it has become okay to use racial slurs as jokes. People do not understand the insensitivity of the racism they incur when they use these terms. Do not hesitate to interrupt these racial jokes. If we want to live in a fair society, we should be aware of what and how we speak. Be mindful of the language you are using and how you are getting your message across, so it is effective. Always remember that your purpose is to educate & interrupt and not to prove your superiority over anyone else.

Speak Against White Silence

Interrupt the pattern of white silence by speaking up against colleagues, acquaintances, friends, and family. Notify others of how their silence is doing more damage than they are aware of. Educate them on the part they need to play if they want an equitable society. You can also invite them to join racial equity groups that you are a part of to help them understand the cause and to take action. In a nutshell, act and do not be silent when the white people around you do not speak up against atrocities, discrimination, and bias against black and other people of color.

Join Equity Committees & NGOs

Your workplace, school, faith group, or town might have an equity committee. Find out about it and see if they are open to new allies. Join if you can. Otherwise, support in as many different ways as possible. Similarly, look for local non-profits that are doing racial justice work. Offer them support by donating your time, money, and any other resource they need. Provide your help and support as much as you can. More aware and racially conscious white allies never hurt a DEI cause.

Challenge The Status Quo

When the status quo is racist, disrupt it. This starts with your friends, family, and even workplace. No matter how big or small it is, take a step forward and raise your voice. At your workplace, be vocal about the discrimination against black employees and other employees of color. Point out when someone is being racist or using inappropriate behavior and language. Let people know that you are not neutral just because you are white. Prove that you are an ally through & through and stand with black people for diversity, equity, and inclusion because they deserve a racially equitable society.

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