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10 Latina Tech Founders You Should Know

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Latina tech founders are still the most undercelebrated women founders & leaders. They have been working for years, but they rarely get similar attention or media coverage like the non-Latina tech founders. Even with the exceptional work, they do not get the consideration they or their businesses deserve.

Keeping in mind the Hispanic/ Latinx heritage month and our attempt to use it to honor the amazing Latina women in America, I have created this list of 10 Latina Tech Founders everyone in the US and beyond should know.

Here are the 10 Latinas making their mark in the tech world even after constant hurdles, challenges, and obstacles:


Katia Beauchamp is the co-founder and CEO of Birchbox located in New York City since February 2010. Birchbox works on the agenda of making beauty easy. It is a platform, which offers personalized samples for discovering, learning, and shopping for products available in the market through a robust e-commerce shop.

Under Beauchamp’s leadership, the brand managed to raise more than $10 million in the Series D funding. She has also led the entire team to build a unique proprietary algorithm that sends the right products to the right people via the impression received through their profiles and preferences.


Alexandra Zatarian is the co-founder and Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Eight Sleep. Eight is the world’s first sleep fitness company that designs tech products, services, and content to make people sleep better.

Zatarian was named in Forbes 30 under 30 list of young professionals making an impact in the Customer Technology industry in 2017. She also spoke at the Forbes Under 30 summit the same year. Since then, she has been constantly working on innovating Eight for better user experience.


Cecelia Corral is the co-founder and VP of Product at CareMessage. She is the product leader focusing on creating a human-centered design that solves the healthcare problems of the underprivileged communities. Her passion for work comes from her low-income immigrant household.

With an engineering degree from Stanford and a can-do attitude, she now focuses on building teams that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. She also advocates for Latina tech founders and collects the data on Latina founders to give them the rightful promotions they deserve.


Daniela Perdomo is the co-founder and CEO of goTenna, which is a global leader in mobile mesh networking. The new technology focuses on advancing universal access to connectivity by building intelligent, scalable, protocols, and devices.

Perdomo has made sure that she does not only introduce this unique technology, but spread it among the well-known names including Google, the City of New York, and the Government of Sweden, etc. She also managed to bring investors such as Union Square Ventures and Founders Fund.


A consultant to McKinsey & Company and the co-founder of HireArt, Eleonora Sharef is Latina tech founder who turned her passion into a business. She wanted to help job seekers succeed in finding the job they loved so their lives could become easier, fuller, and meaningful. And with HireArt, this is what she did.

Employers find the best employees, while employees find the best jobs. Sharef has taken HireArt to hundreds of companies including Airbnb, Cisco, and eBay. Moreover, this exceptional venture of hers is also funded by various VCs in Silicon Valley and YCombinator.


Using her administration and policy background, Dr. Ximena Hartsock founded Phone2Action for the better good in the US. She wanted to make the world a better place by helping individuals and organizations advocate the causes that matter to them. This is why, she started Phone2Action as a comprehensive digital engagement and communications platform for public affairs, elections, and government relations.

With years of extensive hard work and efforts, Phone2Action is now being used by leading non-profits to build their advocacy programs and support public policy goals. Now here is another under-rated Latina who has created a widespread change in society.


AnnMaria De Mars is among the amazing Latina tech founders and the President and co-founder of 7 Generation Games. She designs and develops educational games that teach mathematics and Spanish to kids. The emphasis of these games is to meet the needs of Native American and Spanish-speaking students.

7 Generation Games is not only her brainchild, but she writes codes for the games and new tech herself. So, you can say, she is always leading the innovation & change from the forefront.


The founder and CEO of TRUINJECT Platform, Gabrielle Rios is kind of a one-woman army. She not only founded and developed the technology for this platform which focuses on the innovation, development & commercialization of medical products for the injectable market but also recruited and led the entire team behind single-handedly as well.

Rios also drafts and refines the core patents for the tech system herself and works on the financing and VC funding as well. What isn’t that she can’t do?


The first-gen college Latina passionate about social justice, Kristen Sonday is the COO and co-founder of Paladin. Paladin is a tech platform that helps mobilize 1.3 million attorneys of the US to increase access to justice through pro bono via a centralized platform. She has built and managed global legal teams that work pro bono.

Sonday also advocates for Latinas and served as the Google For Entrepreneurs Code2040 Entrepreneur-in-Residence to promote and support black and Latinx entrepreneurs. For her work and achievements in bridging the justice gap she was also named an ABA Woman in Legal Tech to watch, FastCase50 honoree, and ABA Journal Legal Rebel.


Pia Mancini is a serial entrepreneur and one of the Latina tech founders, checking one thing after another off her bucket list of bringing innovation and change. She is the co-founder of Open Collective, which enables groups to pull money together and spend it transparently without having to open a legal entity or bank account. She is also the co-founder and Chair of DemocracyEarth Foundation, a YCombinator backed collaborative decision-making platform (DemocracyOS). She is also a peer and co-founder of Partido de la Red (The Net Party). Her list of fellowships and the accolades are never-ending and so is her determination and passion to lead the change.

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