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Fidning Your Mastery

Finding your mastery is something what you are really good at. Usually, for some of us, some engineers find it hard to identify what it is they have that they can use to start their business. What it is that you really enjoy doing that you can turn it out as a business?


  1. People will ask you for assistance on a certain process.
  2. You can easily do what they asked you.
  3. Looking back at your emails, people kept bringing you into discussions and processes on your plant floor.

Do you relate on the things that are mentioned? Doing those things isn't an issue with you, why is that? Because that's what you're expert at and you didn't even realized! Everybody else keeps asking you to do such stuffs, getting help on an international projects or they want you to provide this kind of data. Guess what? They do that because you are a master at it, you're a subject matter expert and you don't even know it!


When people started to keep on asking you on these certain projects and things to do, you have to really own it. Why is that? Because you have just found out you are in demand and when you're in demand you can make some money out of it. People are gonna pay for you.

Important part of you building a business is to:

  • Remember how often people ask for you
  • Start building out your service package
  • Write down emails you got on people asking you

Look at those emails that people have sent you or the past projects you received, the past job assignments you did, and really look at the things that you really enjoyed doing everyday. Sometimes it's going to overlap, sometimes it won't. Why? Because we are human and we are not single facet, we like so many different things, we're multifaceted.


You might be saying "I'm just a subject matter only in underwater deep foundations, or in building navy's next set of aircraft carriers and buildings, or soundproof door from torpedoes or making nanodevices in hearing aids."

Guess what? You're a subject matter expert that can translate across multiple industries!

So don't set yourself just in that industry looking to see how your level of subject matter expert can be applied in other industries, in other applications. Because you're going to use your ability, your mastery, this subject matter expert position you have to look and see how you can apply it in other industries .

People from across industries gets the same PMP certification. Once you get that certification, understand you have an ability that you can use across multiple industries. So when one industry is down, you've already know of three or four other industries, you can take your level of expert and it might not be the same process. You may switch some things up, you may have to change some of your verbiage to sell it, but you still know what you're doing.

You just have to learn what it is and how it can apply in other niches and other industries to make it your business.

And that's what I need you to understand. When you look at your ability to be a subject matter expert. You got it!


  1. Look at what comes easily for you - it is your level of mastery.
  2. Look at your emails - Look at what people frequently ask about.
  3. Go through project duties, activities, job tasks - those positions that you really gravitate that tell you what you're really good at.
  4. Subject matter expert - Be specific how can that level of mastery can apply to other industries.
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