Fundamentals of Diversity: 5 Tools for Your Recruitment Strategy

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Achieving real workplace diversity is an arduously holistic process. While many companies have begun dedicating efforts into diversifying gender or race among their people, they hardly put these pieces together in the recruitment process. A company that finds itself ahead in the diversity game would source and consider as many minority groups as they can to exponentially expand opportunities in signing qualified talent. Cultural sensitivity in public relations is also a great help in making everybody from all backgrounds feel welcome in your company. These are common strategies that result in creating a truly inclusive work environment.

That being said, those who truly care about fostering a diverse workplace need concrete foundations in creating a hiring game plan that would equally empower all races and genders. Women of color in STEM fields are often at risk of being overlooked, alienated, and disconnected from much-needed networks. Thankfully, existing tools and systems are now available at your disposal to help execute the sincerest strategies with more certainty. Here, we take a look at 5 popular tools that we found to be helpful at various stages in hiring.

Scout for strong candidates with Sourcehub

Scouting for talent online is a great way to tap the market for the talent you’re looking for. It can surely take you to a wider selection of potential candidates if you know where to look. You might have tried taking to the social platforms in the past, with a desire to discover less-visited watering holes of professionals. Next thing you know, you find yourself overwhelmed in a sea of irrelevant profiles and countless search criteria to consider. There’s no need to panic, it happens!

Looking for your next employee via the internet can sure be a pain. Sourcehub by SocialTalent is a free Boolean String Builder for your online searches. Armed with your knowledge of what you want to see in an online profile, you now have the means to look everywhere with everything all at once. Sourcehub does a lot more of the crawling for you, leaving you with a more organized view of search results and more time to ponder over them. What that gets you is a pool of all your qualified individuals in one go, and all you have to worry about is selecting the most diverse hopefuls out there. Sourcehub also offers an impressive selection of reference articles to help you execute the perfect hiring strategy.

Ongig for more empathetic and inclusive job ads

You’re now about to reach out to some strong candidates you’ve found online, or maybe you’re just cooking up your latest job ad to kickstart your recruitment master plan. Especially if you’re new to hiring diversity at this level, you might ask yourself: will my words engage my target audience? If you find yourself taking this into consideration, you’re on the right path.

In STEM professions, where women of color are less concentrated, marketing and other communications tend to be less culturally sensitive. This could be an opportunity for you to take advantage of this edge over others. You can finally be sure your message gets through to women of color by running your promotional content through Ongig, a platform that saves you from slipping out biased language that could drive away diverse talent. There is a such thing as inherently biased vocabulary that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for other genders, and even other races. Eliminating such terms would draw more diversity to your company. This can happen to the best of us, but help is available. These tools, along with a few simple rules and strategies will have you sending out inclusive content like a pro in no time.

Automate high-volume hiring with Harver

The problem with having biases is that it’s a natural human response to other people, and this can be unconscious and unintentional. Candidate selection processes that are free of any bias would be a dream for every well-meaning recruiter. Such methods would spare us from the worry of easily turning down candidates that can bring something worthwhile to your table.

Harver is an all-around software that you can use to schedule interviews with candidates, sell them the job, and carry out assessments after. It also helps eliminate bias and reduce workload by automating repetitive tasks in the candidate selection process. It specializes in high-volume processing with unwavering judgment, and will even rank your candidates on the fly. They also offer other assessment exercises to further fine-tune your preferences such as personality and culture-fit. Harver boasts success with clients such as Netflix, Arvato who reported a 63% decrease in employee turnover, and Zappos who achieved a 97% candidate satisfaction with their experience.

Select bias-free and comprehensively with pymetrics

The second recruitment processing platform on our list identifies three key problems in the hiring process. With the high volume of applications that an average job receives, at least half of the hired candidates fail in the company. This reflects lapses in the current recruitment processes. In addition, up to 2 out of 3 resume reviews are plagued by gender and racial biases against women and minority groups. On the experience aspect of the whole hiring process, very few find it satisfactory. None of these sound like good news for anyone, and most definitely not for women of color.

With the help of predictive AI innovations and gamified neurological assessment of candidates among others, pymetrics specializes in using top-drawer methods in providing you a profoundly insightful selection process. Its automated nature also eliminates bias and goes as far as referring your rejected applicants to similar opportunities -- boosting candidate experience ratings. They help improve the hiring experience for big names like Unilever, LinkedIn, Mastercard, and McDonald's.

Galvanize hopefuls with opportunities to grow and build networks

When you’re about to sign a strong, willing candidate that fits your needs, you would want to double down on that and provide them with something that would help them feel secure in the company. Women of color may find themselves needing like-minded professionals with the same background as theirs.

Aptly named Galvanize, this platform creates a collaborative space for everyone from students, to corporations and everything in between. It is a place for courses, coworking, and upskilling talent. Whether it’s finding new talent or connecting with potential candidates, Galvanize covers a gambit of options.

Which Could Best Work For You?

Depending on your pain points and where you are in the process of building workplace diversity, each platform is equally likely to prove pivotal to a company's success. Which platform could benefit you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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